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Five ways to add turmeric into your diet


Turmeric comes from the ginger family. It smells faintly like earth and has a bitter, warm flavor. Several Asian cuisines traditionally used turmeric as a rich coloring and flavoring component, primarily in curries.

Because of its high curcumin content, they also employed turmeric as a dye and in Ayurvedic medicine besides cooking. Here are a few ways to add turmeric to your regular meals.

Add to egg recipes.

Add a pinch of turmeric to your egg dish, scrambled, omelet, frittata, or quiche. The spice adds a brilliant yellow color to your food, giving it a vivid appearance. There is no change in the taste per se because it is not spicy.

Apply it to salads

 There are two methods to include turmeric powder in salads. Firstly, sprinkle turmeric on top of your chopped vegetables. The second method involves making a salad dressing out of tahini, white miso paste, lemon juice, and olive oil. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric make the dressing, which makes the green salad even healthier.

Try it in Soups.

While the soup is simmering, add the turmeric. The solubility of turmeric and the rate of curcumin absorption into the bloodstream are both improved by boiling. Make soups that are calming to the stomach with turmeric. These soups’ foundation is chicken or veggie broth. Prepare the soup and then add a ton of vegetables. Add more turmeric till the flavors are just right. It aids in treating inflammatory bowel diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Spice up your rice

Rice dishes have a vibrant yellow color, like lemon rice. The turmeric addition is to blame. A tiny bit of spice is required to give the rice a stunning appearance. Add a small amount of turmeric, taste it, and add more if necessary.

Create wholesome drinks

Take a warm glass of milk with some sugar and turmeric in it. Your throat will undoubtedly be cleared, and your cough and cold symptoms will be relieved.

Turmeric tea is another beverage that you can prepare. It is a common Ayurvedic treatment for both cold recovery and muscle discomfort. Additionally, you can make excellent, creamy golden milk lattes by substituting oat or coconut milk for water.

In conclusion, turmeric has both medical and domestic functioning. The above listed are some of the ways we can include turmeric in the house.


Ways to use Turmeric