Our Story

Founded by Iruka in 2021, Colour Flavour Foods Ltd is a health conscious and value-added dried seafood company that is dedicated to becoming the benchmark for dried seafood processing and packaging for Nigeria and the international markets.

Our mission is to be able to meet the needs of the consumer everyday by providing food of a consistently high quality.

We believe everyone deserves great food. The choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from and how it is stored has a direct and powerful impact on our health and the environment.

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About Us

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Colour Flavour stands out from the rest on three core values, FFIQ.


We source from the farmers directly, process and package immediately in food grade bags that retains the flavour and colour and keeps the moisture, light and air OUT, providing our buyers with the freshest of the fresh, anytime they buy our products.


Colour Flavour acts as a force for good through its product offerings, partnerships with farmers,and community service.


Colour Flavour popped onto the food scene with one goal in mind. To offer high quality food. We are completely transparent about our hygienic processes and continue to source directly from the farmers, ensuring that each bag comes to you, in its purest form.

Quality is everything. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We serve the best available products, only sourcing from farms and farming practices we trust. That means pesticides, chemicals, and GMO’s stay out of our products, so we can focus on the good stuff.