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Crayfish is a tasty seasoning that adds a traditional yummy flavour to food; mostly used in cooking soup. Almost every home uses crayfish to cook apart from vegetarians and few religious groups that don’t eat them. It therefore means that the number of persons using crayfish is high making it a ready market for sellers. The population of Nigeria is increasing by the day thereby making the demand for crayfish to increase as well.

Crayfish sells faster and in a higher volume than fish and meat. These days, people are looking for convenience. No one wants to go into the market to buy crayfish, sort the dirt, wash and then grind it before they use it . People are too busy and want the convenience of buying already cleaned, sorted and ground crayfish to their pot of soups. and that is where we come in.

We have done all the work for you and presented the crayfish in food grade resealable pouches. We sell crayfish that is gotten directly ONLY from the fish farmers from the seas of Oron in Akwa Ibom, where you get the tastiest of all crayfish in Nigeria.

These and many other reasons make ground crayfish business something to desire.


There are some major markets that deals specifically on crayfish and fish business. Locate them in your area for your purchase. To succeed fast in ground crayfish business you have to deal in tasty crayfish that does not have sand.

Akwa Ibom State and Cross River State has that quality of crayfish and that is the ORON crayfish which we only deal on. It might be the priciest in the market but it is the tastiest and a little goes a long way. The taste of their crayfish is something else, the best so far in Nigeria.

  • Crayfish , Packaging pouches, Sealing machine, Weighing machine, Electricity, Sieves, Labels, Bowls, Spatulas, Grinding machine, Labels etc.


  1. Make sure you pick dirt out of the crayfish and dry them very well under sun. As dried crayfish can retain its shelf life until they are ready for use.
  2. Grind the crayfish with a grinding machine or pound them in a mortar or blend in a grinder. Do not completely powder them as people prefers the ones that has traces of crayfish in them. This is because they want to be sure of what they are buying.
  3. Measure or weigh the ground crayfish into the pouch or container. Seal the pouch with the sealing machine. When sealing make sure you press and hold the machine for a minute before removing your hands so as to provide a neat job and for the mouth of the nylon to be properly sealed.

You can either go through all of the stress above or email us to get a starter kit that costs very little money and start your business. Clean , with no mess and save on time and instead market your business. We use Food Grade bags that will not leach any chemicals into your food. Nylon, used in the market to package your foods, are very toxic and leach chemicals into your food over time.

Colour Flavour Foods is ready to catapult you into financial freedom, contact us to know how you can get started for a very little fee.